Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Christmas Delayed

My daughter and I have cancelled Christmas, or at least postponed it. She lives 80 miles north of me. My mother's house is about 60 miles SW of me, as is the assisted living place she lives in. Maybe you have heard about the snow we've been having in this area. Apparently we are all total wussies when it comes to dealing with snow. I missed work yesterday because although the interstate and state highways were clear, I was unable to get my car down my driveway, which is coated with about 2' of lumpy, slippery snow with an undercoating of ice. I have chains, which I put in my trunk because although I spread them out on the living room floor and studied the instructions very carefully, actually putting them on the tires would require MUCH too much fearful effort (not to mention getting filthy in the process), and I figure I would have to put them on to travel 300' and then take them off to go the rest of the way to work or wherever. I have what is probably the only manually-operated garage door left in America. So when I cautiously backed out of the garage on Monday, then got out of my car and closed the garage door, when I got back in the car, it was not havin' it--I just sat there and spun for awhile. Happily it would go forward, back into the garage, so I meekly gave up on the effort of getting to work that day. Today I was a little smarter and backed all the way down the drive-way without stopping and very reluctantly thought about going on to work and leaving the garage door open (it's detached--no access to my house from the garage). But then I had the brilliant idea of backing back into the end of the driveway, and high stepping and stomping through the snow to close and lock the garage (God forbid someone should steal my 20-year old lawnmower, unused bicycle, or other crap I have out there) hoping that while I was plowing my way back to the garage, no one would steal my car or run into it. I can only say, never has anyone in this area been so happy to hear about rain in the forecast. So hopefully we will be able to do our small Christmas get-together during the New Year's weekend. So worth it not to have to worry about loved ones trying to travel during this weather.