Sunday, February 8, 2009


Oh my gosh—I just realized that, if we hadn’t divorced after 16 years, and if he weren’t dead, yesterday would have been my 45th wedding anniversary.
Is it just me, or is Valentine’s Day at the very least sad to the majority of us? Attached is a picture of my last Valentine gift from my pre- and post-marriage companion. I blogged previously about this mysterious animal (is it a bunny? A mouse? A kitty? ). It was like our relationship—I was always in love, but I never knew whether he was or not . I lived on the edge of yes, maybe, and the precipice of, are you kidding, love is not uncertainty! However, time resolved this conundrum by taking him also, and so I’ll never have an firm answer to it all.
The bunny/mouse/kitty is all that remains.