Friday, April 24, 2009

I keep getting lost on my way to zen

There are some things that really affect me in a good way—the smell of real lavender, a Japanese garden, and pictures of the type like one branch of a cherry blossom tree. I have always kind of kidded about wanting an Asian décor in my house, but don’t know how I can get there unless I get rid of a ton of stuff that I love, but are the total opposite of what’s in Asian décor. Like a million little faux pigs, laboratory glassware (the tiny test tubes with glass stoppers—the big beakers—who wouldn’t love those and steal one of each from the workplace—I’m still glad I did that because now mostly plastic containers are used. There’s also a kitchy mermaid lamp that my mother had—she goes with nothing in my house but is so beautiful in an art deco kind of way that—well, she’s here to stay. And there might be a few thousand tiny miniature things carved from one kind of rock or other, or wood.

One day I decided I must buy some fabrics and make some shiny brocade pillow covers and curtains for my bedroom—fabric with a beautiful Asian theme. I found some fabric that called my name, bought all of it, and sewed it all up as curtains and pillow covers. Stood back and looked—and realized, fluffy curtains are NOT included in Asian design—what was I thinking? And the color—deep, shiny olive embroidered with birds, flowers and Asian words—in the particular light in my bedroom—it’s not impressive. But after spending all that time at the sewing machine, I’m reluctant to start over.

Also, my mother gave me a dress she’d bought on a long-ago trip to Japan. It was always too small for her (and WAY too small for me), but the fabric—so beautiful—in a soft yellow-gold with embroidered birds and flowers quite similar to the designs on my previously made pillows and curtains. I took out the darts on the yellow dress, and bought a big body pillow, and stuffed it in the dress thinking I would mix it with my previously made pillows.

However, the yellow body pillow, even with the darts removed, resembles nothing more than a beheaded, disarmed/legged female torso with a still enviable waistline. Back to the drawing board and sewing machine—but I have to wait until I’m inspired again. Perhaps this is why I didn’t go into interior design.

But I did find this plant the other day, at the grocery store. It’s so beautiful it made me all happy. The name on the tag of it was not familiar to me, but the flowers are—I think it’s really a variation of lobelia. When I can bear to, I’ll plant it outside and hope it spreads.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Susan Boyle

Well, I guess I needed some good news really bad, because when I saw Susan Boyle singing "I Dreamed a Dream," it just brought me to tears. I've watched it several times since then and it makes me cry every time! But in a good way. Even though it is the saddest song ever.

Thank you, Susan, for that bit of relief from all the bad stuff.