Sunday, August 1, 2010

happy things

I was food shopping in Fred Meyer but accidentally passed the jewelry section. Where I saw amidst all the jewelry little jeweled shoes! This was out of the corner of my eye--I originally had no intention of looking in there because I have a weakness for sparkly stuff. But there they were--the perfect item for women--shoes and jewels together in one fabulous concoction. Particularly fetching for a person who can wear nothing but Easy Spirits or flip-flops on her feet now adays.

They are business card holders. I bought several so now I can't afford real shoes or food. Or electricity. Totally worth it; I need to lose a few pounds anyway.

An unbelievable thing--my friend L called me. I let the call go to voicemail because I didn't recognize the name in caller ID but after I listened to that and knew it was L, I still didn't answer her next call because of fear--it was too important to my heart and scarey--I would probably screw it up and say the wrong thing. I assumed she had been asked by reunion organizers to try to get me to come. Several days later I drifted into a more stable state of mind, and called her back. It was about 6:30 p.m. It was dark and three hours later by the time we hung up. It was wonderful to talk to her, and we caught up on everything and there was much in common as her parents had also gone through the illness/nursing home nightmare in the last few years. I will be in Kansas during the reunion but she will try to arrange a lunch with our favorite other ladies of the class later on. Even if that doesn't happen, though--it was . . . great.


Kat said...

I heart those shoes and want some of my own! I'm glad that your talk with L turned out so good, you were all worried for nothing!! Love hearing about happy things!

ColleenQ said...

Those are definitely some "no place like home" shoes - totally worth not eating!

You mentioned how adorable my new grey kitten is (duh, he is!) - I don't know if you know her from MSN, but Steph has something like 15 cats. The most adorable photos ever are here:

ColleenQ said...

AND, I love that you answered the phone, too!

DavidShag said...

You will lose weight from lack of food and will finally be able to wear something other than slip-ins or flip-flops or whatever but will have no money to buy the real shoes. A typical Flooz scenario, and why i enjoy you so much. I can't conceive of not answering a call from an old friend; I guess even if it goes awry, I would still be glad he or she called. How great that you may get together and alienate several old friends at once! I think it must be a woman thing - my sister is the same way bigtime - but woulnds as far back as childhood never seem to heal, or even scab over a little bit. Men are shaped (or misshaped) by them, but they are at least OVER. With a lot of women the are still fresh and bleeding. And if you did say something to alienate this friend NOW, it would in no way mitigate the friendship that you once had. That was real, and it would just be a case of one or both of you having changed somewhat. I truly don't get this fragility. But I keep reading because you are so much better at squeezing all the angst possible out of things, and I want to learn at your feet - the ones with the flip flops on.